City & Guilds Qualifications

If you love sewing and wish to improve your skills, why not study a subject in greater depth and get a qualification. We are able to offer 7716 Level 2 City & Guilds in either, Fashion, Tailoring, Corsetry or Lingerie.

We only take a limited number of students per year and access onto this course is via an application form, you may also be asked to attend for an interview. We do, however give priority to students who have previously attended one of our workshops.


A City & Guilds qualification for 2016 will cost £3400.00 per subject area. This fee covers all your tuition, enrolment fees, log books, verification, certification etc. Students will have to supply fabrics, paper patterns, text books and folders, paper etc...

As space is limited, early application is recommended. Successful students will be notified as soon as possible.

The Options

You must choose one of the following subject areas to study.

  • Fashion 7716 - 32
  • Tailoring 7716 - 44
  • Lingerie 7716 - 46
  • Corsetry 7716 - 49

Each subject is divided into two units:
Unit 1 Design for Craft
Unit 2 Craft, ie Fashion or Tailoring etc

Both units have to be taken and passed.

Unit 1

This unit is the same across all the Level 2 Design & Craft disciplines. The first two workshops in January cover and complete this unit.

Unit 2

This unit covers the area you wish to study. You will have to produce a series of garments and folders all of which will be assessed both internally and externally. The garments you will produce are listed below:


  • A top, a skirt, simple trousers, a waistcoat a petticoat and a dress.


  • A lined jacket with a two piece sleeve, a skirt, trousers and a waistcoat.


  • A slip or camisole, knickers, nightdress, pyjamas


  • A strapless bra, a cupped corset and a waspie.

You also need to produce the following folders:

Folder 1 –Unit 1 Colour, shape, line & texture.

Folder 2 – Unit  2 Fibres and Fabrics.

Folder 3 – Unit 2 Techniques.

Folder 4 – Unit 2 Research, museum visits etc.

Folder 5 – Unit 2 your design brief and details of the garments you are submitting for assessment. A sketch book / scrap book of ideas.

More specific information can be found on the City & Guilds web site.

For full details, dates and booking information please download our City & Guilds 2016 brochure, or alternatively contact us on 01530 416300 or email