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Alison is now a tutor on Craftsy! At last you can take Alison home to advise on your dressmaking.
Alison has made 8 lessons for Craftsy – Couture Dressmaking, Couture Finishing Techniques, Sewing Lingerie, Essential Guide to Tailoring Structure & Shape, Essential Guide to Tailoring Construction, Essential Guide to Tailoring Finishing, Sewing with Lace and Sewing Corsets: Essential Techniques

Current Courses

Sewing Corsets: Essential Techniques

Discover the secrets for making a corset that's beautiful and flattering. Learn how to use speciality fabric, build structure, add elegant details and more!

Build classic corset-making skills as you embark on a sewing adventure with School of Sewing founder Alison Smith, MBE. During class, she'll show you how to create a corset that's perfectly structured to flatter the figure. You'll begin by learning how to pick the pattern, fabric and structural pieces that are important for this slimming garment. Then, Alison will share tips for a full-bust adjustment. Ready to give your corset structure and shape? You'll discover techniques for incorporating boning, busks and eyelets. Next, you'll see how to accurately stitch panels, join your corset and create channels for boning. Finish your corset by inserting steel bones, binding the edges and adding decorative trim.

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Sewing Corsets

Couture Dressmaking

Buy this lesson and discover the world if interlinings, couture techniques for perfect construction and so much more.

Create couture garments with a flawless look that lasts. Underline bodices to give them stability, structure and shape. Stabilize neck edges and shoulder seams so they never stretch. Create lovely shaping using slashed, balanced and contoured darts. Stitch crease-free princess seams and luxurious hand-finished necklines. Discover couture boning techniques for bodices that fit like a dream. Use sleeve heads and ribbon stays to sew gorgeous set-in sleeves with a touch of fullness and no wrinkles. Choose and insert impeccable linings by hand. Keep dresses from riding up or dragging with a waist stay. Harness couture dressmaking techniques to create special-occasion attire and everyday garments that eclipse high-end ready-to-wear.

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Dressmaking Course

Couture Finishing Techniques

Now you can sew with Couture Techniques lets look in this lesson at finishing. Perfect hand stitches, seam finishes, hems and more.

Learn couture finishing techniques that elevate your garments to the highest level of elegance and craftsmanship. Alongside illustrious instructor Alison Smith, you'll master herringbone, catch, blind hem, flat-fell and buttonhole stitches. Sew French seams, hand-finished whipstitch seams, clean-finished seams and flawless seams on delicate fabrics. Sew a concealed zipper with a placket. Create gorgeous triangular buttonholes. Make perfect closures with rouleau loops, corded loops and covered buttons. Use hand-finishes such as interfaced hems, hand-rolled hems, faced hems with horsehair braid, and machine-embroidered scalloped hems. Finish your garments with impeccable couture techniques that stand up to the most discerning eyes and the test of time.

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Finishing Course

Essential Guide to Tailoring - Finishing

Enhance the elegance and excellence of your garments. Learn traditional and modern tailoring techniques for exquisite linings, hems, buttonholes and more.

Master traditional and modern garment finishing techniques with School of Sewing founder Alison Smith. Begin class with Alison's tips for getting a tailored jacket ready for finishing. Then, expand your decorative possibilities with piped bound buttonholes, and see how to select the best fabric for your jacket lining. After your fabric is chosen, Alison will guide you through installing a lining, back pleat and hanging loop with your machine. Wish to capture the Old World beauty of hand-sewn garments? You'll learn traditional methods for installing a jacket lining by hand, as well as how to match the join of facing, hem and lining flawlessly. You'll even discover how to place the lining around a vent in a skirt or sleeve. You'll finish class with techniques for topstitching, sewing on buttons by hand and perfectly pressing your garments.

  • Essential Guide to Tailoring - Construction

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Finishing Course

Essential Guide to Tailoring - Structure & Shape

Create beautifully structured garments that maintain their exquisite shape and drape for years to come. Learn traditional, modern and hybrid tailoring techniques.

Bring structure and shape to any tailored garment with online video lessons from School of Sewing founder Alison Smith! You'll start by learning classic tailoring techniques such as canvassed construction for jackets and more. Alison will also teach you how to stabilize and shape a jacket's edges, neckline, armholes and roll lines. Move on to modern tailoring methods for using fusible interfacing with looser-weave fabrics to build elegant garment structure swiftly. Then, discover hybrid tailoring techniques that make it easier than ever to achieve refined results when sewing coating fabric or high-end menswear. Plus, discover how to interface a variety of different silhouette variations, from shawl-collared and collarless jackets to tailored skirts and pants.

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Essential Guide to Tailoring

Essential Guide to Tailoring - Construction

Elevate the quality, longevity and beauty of any garment you sew. Learn professional methods for constructing tailored sleeves, collars, pockets and more.

Expand your knowledge of clothing construction as you learn Old World and modern speed tailoring techniques from School of Sewing founder Alison Smith. Since sleeve insertions can be tricky, Alison starts class with a lesson on inserting flawless sleeves, sleeve heads and shoulder pads. Then, take your tailoring to the top with secrets for sewing gorgeous mandarin, Peter Pan, shawl and notched collars. You'll even discover how to upgrade the elegance of jackets and coats with a melton undercollar. Ready to pocket some top-notch tips? Follow along as Alison simplifies the steps for sewing curved, jetted pockets and back welt pockets for tailored trousers. Plus, find out how to make your trousers fit and feel better by eliminating waistband gaps and adding a cotton lining.

  • Essential Guide to Tailoring - Construction
  • Essential Guide to Tailoring - Construction
  • Essential Guide to Tailoring - Construction

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Essential Guide to Construction

Sewing Lingerie

Sew custom lingerie that adds luxury to any day or night! Discover straightforward techniques for making sumptuous sleepwear and undergarments.

Learn how to sew lingerie alongside Alison Smith, the U.K.'s premier sewing instructor. Start class with a lesson on what patterns, fabrics and notions are best suited for lingerie. Next, discover how to stabilize, cut out and seam a variety of lightweight, slippery fabrics. Enhance the beauty of your work as Alison covers a variety of techniques for incorporating lovely lace into your lingerie. Then, find out how to apply elastic waistbands to your lingerie — without stretching out bias-cut fabrics. After Alison makes lingerie waistbands a cinch, you'll learn to create lacy shoulder straps, adjustable bra straps and silky rouleau straps. You'll also see how to hem lingerie fabrics with confidence and complete your projects with gorgeous finishing touches. Plus, your class includes Vogue Pattern V8888, which you can use with the techniques from class to sew slips, camisoles, tap pants and more.

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Sewing Lingerie Course

Sewing With Lace

Sew any type of lace with finesse to create stunning projects. Learn speciality skills that highlight openwork lace fabrics, borders, motifs and more.

Simplify sewing lace! Let School of Sewing founder Alison Smith be your guide as you discover how to sew lace for daywear or special occasions with techniques to perfectly prep, layer, place, shape and seam your project. Whether your fabric is a guipure, Chantilly, beaded or eyelash lace, you'll get tips for sewing each with confidence. Then, find underlinings to match your lace and pattern perfectly and review seam finishes suited for everyday lace garments. Give your lace couture appeal by constructing a bodice with nearly invisible princess seams. Plus, learn to cut and shape a free-hanging and a full lace bodice overlay. Alison makes adding the finishing touches to your projects easy, as she shows how to sew zippers, decorate with lace borders and use purchased or self-made appliqués.

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Sewing with lace craftsy course